Wilson Communications is proud to offer scholarships to the youth of our communities! The selected student(s) will be awarded one $500 scholarships. We also sponsor applicants to other scholarships offered by the Telecommunications Industry. If you live in our service area and will be graduating High School this year, fill out the application below to apply for any of the scholarships you are interested in.

Wilson Communications Continuing Education Scholarship

Since its inception in 1984, the Wilson Communications’ Scholarship Program has awarded over $160,000.00 in scholarship opportunities to students in our service area. We strongly believe that our youth are the future of our rural communities, and we are honored to offer these opportunities to them. The selected student(s) will be awarded one $500 scholarships.

Deadline to Submit: April 3, 2023

Download the WTC Scholarship Application!

Download the WTC Scholarship (Ellsworth High School) Application!

Paul F. Grauer Technology Scholarship

Everything we encounter in our daily lives is incredibly dependent on the concepts of information technology. Information technology can encompass a range of fields from network basics to web design, data analysis to systems infrastructure, information security to troubleshooting. Wilson Communications recognizes the importance these skills have in the future of modern technology and will award one, nonrenewable $1000.00 scholarship to those dedicated in pursuing and education in information technology or related field.

  1. A graduating high school senior including non-traditional students. Non-traditional is defined as those that are attending online or who are home-schooled.
  2. A student is currently enrolled in a collegiate or vocational program full-time and has already completed one semester.
  3. Student must be either an alumni of a high school within our service area or must reside or have resided within our service area within the previous 4 years.
  4. Accepted to a four-year college, university, junior college, vocational or trade school.
  5. Applicant's field of study must be geared towards Telecommunications, Computer Science, Information Technology or a Telephone or Broadband Trade related field in Telecommunications.
  6. Deadline to Submit: April 3, 2023

Download the Paul F. Grauer Technology Scholarship Application!

Helen Grauer Return to Learning Scholarship

There are many paths to higher education, and they do not all conform to the same map. Many students choose to postpone college or move directly into the workforce bypassing a university education altogether. It is only later that they decide to pursue a higher education, either to improve their professional opportunities, or to expand their general knowledge. Still other students may have had their college careers interrupted, either by growing families or financial difficulties, and only later return to complete what they had started. Wilson Communications understands that more and more adult students are heading to college and is proud to offer one, non-renewable $500 scholarship opportunity to those who fit this mold and are seeking to return to learning.

  1. Adult students who are entering an educational program for the first time or are returning to complete an interrupted education.
  2. Accepted and enrolled to a four-year college, university, junior college, vocational or trade school.
  3. Must be either an alumni of a high school within our service area or must reside or have resided within our service area within the previous 4 years.
  4. Deadline to Submit: April 3, 2023

Download the Helen Grauer Return to Learning Scholarship Application!

Foundation for Rural Service

FRS, in cooperation with NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association, seeks to sustain and enhance the quality of life throughout rural America by advancing an understanding of rural telecommunications issues. Through its various programs and initiatives, FRS strongly supports the continuing education of rural youth.

FRS Scholarship - FRS will fund $2,000 of each scholarship with Wilson Communications providing an additional $500 donation if a sponsored applicant is chosen. It should be noted that preference will be given to individuals expressing an interest to return to work in a rural area following graduation.

FRS Staurulakis Family Scholarship - Four $5,000 scholarships will be awarded, with a preference to students who are majoring in math, science, engineering or medicine fields.

TMS Scholarship - Two $1,500 scholarships will be awarded to students.

Everette Kneece Return to Rural America Scholarship - This scholarship awards $2,500 to an outstanding student and shows the desire to return to live, work, and contribute to a rural community.

The Colt Ford Scholarship - Awards up to $15,000 to rural students.

Download the FRS Scholarship Application!

Deadline: Applications must be turned in before February 8, 2023.

FRS Grant Program

As part of the Foundation for Rural Service’s ongoing commitment to rural communities across the country, FRS is offering aid for communities served by NTCA members, like Wilson Communications, through its annual Community Grants Program. These grants are designed to provide support to a variety of local efforts to build and sustain a high quality of life in rural America. The grants support a variety of projects concentrated in the four major categories listed below. You may also visit the FRS website to see examples of previous awarded projects, many of them in Kansas!

  • Business and Economic Development – Devise a plan to turn your community into a global phenomenon by growing small or existing businesses, developing new ones and implementing a job creation program that attracts key talent from your community or from skilled individuals interested in relocating to small town America.
  • Community Development – Develop an outreach program that helps to promote advancing technology skills of your community members, incorporates innovation into learning, raises the visibility of your community’s talent and artistry, and places your town on everyone’s bucket list as the place to visit.
  • Education - Support advances in education by helping your schools get technology (computers, smart boards, etc.) in the classroom, build resources for curriculum development, strengthen extracurricular activities and programs, and promote distance learning programs.
  • Telecommunications Applications - Show how you plan to turn your community into a technological powerhouse by promoting the implementation and use of broadband-enabled applications for telehealth, education, government services, safety and security, and efficient energy distribution and use.