It's All Holiday, All the Time, With Holiday Movies, Baking, and Much More
It's All Holiday, All the Time, With Holiday Movies, Baking, and Much More
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The holiday season is upon us — and with it comes festive favorites, old and new. Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas provides the feel-good movies you love, Kids Say the Darndest Things is back to tickle your funny bone, and Holiday Baking Championship serves up a sweet TV treat. Swing by Freeform to see cherished holiday classics during 25 Days of Christmas, and check out the vintage Hoover vacuum ad that suggests what "Mummy" wants for Christmas.
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TV Trivia The Question Is What color is Snoopy's Dog House?
The Answer Is A blueThe Answer Is B green
The Answer Is C yellowThe Answer Is D white
Family Movie Night 5 Benefits Of Family Movie Night
There's more to family movie night than simply being entertained. Establishing this weekly tradition in your household can provide benefits including these:  
  • Strengthens family relationships.
  • Improves children's social and communication skills.
  • Offers opportunities to discuss sensitive issues.
  • Reinforces life lessons and values.
  • Expands knowledge, which can improve children's academic success.
To help with family movie night, Wilson Communications offers Premium Movie Packages. Movie packages include anywhere from 5 to 15 channels and discounts are available if you choose two or more packages! Call 800.432.7607 to learn more or visit us online!
Vintage Hoover Ad Suggests
Vacuums for Gifts? SEE WHAT MUMMY MIGHT WANT here... Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited. © 2019 All Rights Reserved.
Countdown to Christmas WATCH NOW Countdown to Christmas Offers
Holiday Joy from Hallmark

It's that time of year! Win the ultimate Christmas present with Hallmark's Very Merry Giveaway. Create next-level decorations with a 3D mantlescape. The cast of Picture a Perfect Christmas puts their knowledge to the test. View the Countdown to Christmas movie schedule.

Copyright © 2019 Crown Media, all rights reserved
Reimagined Classic - Kids Say the Darndest Things SEE REAL KIDS BE REAL FUNNY here... © Disney. All rights reserved.
Holiday Baking Championship WATCH NOW It's a Recipe for Fun on
Holiday Baking Championship

Set your ovens to "yum" this holiday season. Get behind-the-scenes baking tips straight from the judges. Impress your guests with these highly rated dessert recipes. Tired of cocoa in a mug? Try these six exciting baked hot chocolate-based creations.

© 2019 Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.
Celebrate the Magic With Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas ENJOY HOLIDAY CLASSICS here... © Freeform 2019
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