February Inspiration -- Treats for Your Sweetheart, The Love Boat, and More
February Inspiration -- Treats for Your Sweetheart, The Love Boat, and More
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Since one of the highlights of February is Valentine's Day, we let Cupid select this issue's content. Love is clearly in the air, as the TV Trivia question is about The Love Boat. Get inspired to make a meal for your sweetheart by watching Kids Baking Championship and Next Level Chef. Then for heart-racing adventure, check out The Amazing Race and Street Outlaws. DIY Network Is Now Magnolia Network

Effective 01/05/2022, DIY Network, Wilson Communications channel 226 and HD channel 446, is now Magnolia Network. Magnolia Network features carefully curated original programming that will inspire audiences to create a life they love with purposeful stories about family, design, home, food, travel, small businesses, community & adventure.

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TV Trivia The Question Is - What was the cruise ship's name?
The Answer Is A Pacific PrincessThe Answer Is B Island Princess
The Answer Is C Diamond PrincessThe Answer Is D Royal Princess
Sammy Davis Jr. in 1980 Ad for Alka-Seltzer WATCH A WINTER WONDERLAND here… © 2022. All Rights Reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all other trademarks are owned by Bayer, and its affiliates, or licensed for its use.
Kids Baking Championship - WATCH NOW Kids Baking Championship is a
Sweet Treat on Food Network

Watch recipe videos for fun ideas on baking with kids. Try cream puff swans that look fancy, but are easy enough for kids to help make. See photos of Food Network stars as kids.

©2022 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
33rd Trip Around the World on The Amazing Race SEE 11 TEAMS SEEK ADVENTURE here… ©2022 ViacomCBS. All rights reserved.
Street Outlaws - WATCH NOW Fastest Drivers Compete for
$600,000 on Street Outlaws

Play the Street Outlaws game on your gaming console. Check out Street Outlaws: Fastest in America that premiered in January for more fast-paced excitement.

© 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
Next Level Chef Looks for Superstars on FOX GET COOKING WITH GORDON RAMSAY here… ™ © 2021 Fox Media LLC. All rights reserved.
Over-the-Top – What is OTT?
OTT stands for "over-the-top" and entails any streaming media service that distributes content via the internet. It got its name because the content gets delivered through another platform (medium), i.e., "over the top" of another device. Some of these devices include:
  • Mobile Devices — Most OTT streaming platforms have dedicated mobile apps for tablet and smartphone users to access their services.

  • Computers — Users can access most OTT services through desktop web browsers or dedicated PC apps.

  • Smart TVs — Most recent Smart TVs let users download various OTT apps they can use to access these services seamlessly.

  • Digital Media Players — Various third-party devices allow users to access OTT services. Some of these are devices like Apple TV or various gaming consoles.

Although it may not be so obvious, there is a small but crucial difference between OTT and Video:
  • Video is content that users can stream over various devices like TVs, PCs, mobile phones, and even OTT devices.

  • OTT is content that OTT providers like Bing Network, Netflix, Sling TV, and others make available for streaming on various devices.
OTT content is provided by a service provider and usually requires subscription-based payments for access. At the same time, video is an umbrella term for content streamed over the web. So while online video can often be freely accessed over the web, OTT services come with a fee.
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