Watch Something New on TV in the New Year to Keep You Learning and Laughing
Watch Something New on TV in the New Year to Keep You Learning and Laughing
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The new year is a great time to check out new (or new to you) content. You'll find suggestions in this January issue, including an invitation to tour the HGTV Dream Home 2023 and enter for a chance to win. You could also take a new look at the long-running NCIS series and the fun and instructional Worst Cooks in America or watch the new Special Forces: World's Toughest Test featuring celebrities.
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TV Trivia The Question Is Which university band performed the theme song for the Coach TV show?
The Answer Is A University of MichiganThe Answer Is B Iowa State University
The Answer Is C University of NebraskaThe Answer Is D University of Minnesota
1975 Ad for Silly Putty Demos Silly Fun SEE IT STRETCH, BOUNCE, & MORE here… © 2023 Crayola® All Rights Reserved.
HGTV Dream Home 2023 - WATCH NOW HGTV Dream Home 2023 is a
Stunning Mountain Escape

Want to live in Morrison, CO? Enter the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway® 2023. Watch video tours of the interior and exterior, and explore photo galleries of each room and outdoor space.

© 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
NCIS is the CBS Action Drama with Humor SEE THE AMUSING TEAM IN ACTION here… © 2023 Paramount. All rights reserved.
Worst Cooks in America - WATCH NOW Worst Cooks in America is
Best Bet on Food Network

Are you a bad cook? Watch videos to cook along with the show's mentors and pick up skills. Get 8 tips for the beginner cook and try Anne's boot camp recipes for delicious dishes.

© 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.
Special Forces: World's Toughest Test SEE CELEBRITIES ENDURE CHALLENGES here… ™ and © 2021 Fox Media LLC. All rights reserved.
Fun Super Bowl Facts
Super Bowl Facts The Super Bowl has quickly become one of those culturally defining events of the American People with nearly one-third of all Americans tuning in to see the game every year. With Super Bowl LVII around the corner, now is as good a time as any to look back in time to Super Bowl One in 1967, back when the carefully choreographed and planned game was first being tried out in the national eye.
  • The first Super Bowl was not called "The Super Bowl", but rather "The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game." It was not until a few years later when Lamar Hunt, the then owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, coined the term Super Bowl after recalling one of his favorite toys as a child, the super ball.

  • The original Super Bowl had a capacity problem. No, not that there wasn't enough space but rather that there was too much space. Attendance for that first game was 61,946.

  • The original cost of the Super Bowl 1 tickets was $12, or $91.85 in today's money if you account for inflation.

  • The very first Super Bowl touchdown ever was completed by wide receiver Max McGee who was reportedly hungover at the time and was not expecting to be put on the field that day since he had broken the team curfew the night before.

  • The second half of the first Super Bowl had to be reshot because NBC's cameras missed it. NBC was responsible for relaying the kick-off to nearly one-half of everyone viewing the event, so it had to be redone. After this mix up every Super Bowl since then has been broadcasted by one network only.

  • There is no complete footage of the first Super Bowl available to be viewed. Yes, only short clips are available since back then it was a standard practice of networks to not save TV broadcasts since the price of recording onto tape was very expensive.
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