Home Telephone

18.75 /month*
  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • e911 Service
  • Touch Call


0.00 /month
  • 12 cents per minute


3.95 /month
  • 12 cents in state
  • 10 cents out of state

Preferred Plus

5.95 /month
  • 9 cents in state
  • 7 cents out of state


7.95 /month
  • 7 cents in state
  • 6 cents out of state

Flex 200

13.95 /month
  • 200 anytime minutes
  • 7 cents after 200

Flex 300

20.95 /month
  • 300 anytime minutes
  • 7 cents after 300

Flex 700

44.95 /month
  • 700 anytime minutes
  • 6.5 cents after 700

Flex 1000

54.95 /month
  • 1000 anytime minutes
  • 5.5 cents after 1000

Medical Alert / Home Intrusion / Fire Protection

Wilson Communications is proud to announce that we now offer Home Emergency Alert! Now you can have peace of mind that your loved ones are safe when you subscribe to this new service. A Home Emergency Medical Alert system enables seniors to live safely and independently in their own home.


  • Automatically dials help in an emergency
  • Immediate response
  • Works with existing phone lines
  • Dependable call button with 150 foot range
  • Rechargable backup battery
  • Pendant or Wristband option
  • Low monthly fee

Great for:

  • Seniors who live alone or are alone from time to time
  • People with medical conditions
  • Those who have difficulty walking or are prone to falling
  • Anyone who might need help in an emergency

Only $19.95/mo

Lifeline Program

The Federal Communications Commission and the Kansas Corporation Commission have established a program to make telephone service more affordable to eligible customers. Lifeline Service is a program designed to make telephone service available at reduced rates to eligible residential customers. To learn more or to see if you may qualify follow the link above or download an application. If someone else at your address qualifies for Lifeline, please use the Household Worksheet.

Do you need to recertify?

If you already get Lifeline and received a notice, click here to recertify to keep Lifeline. Just choose your state to get started.

Do Not-Call List

The Kansas Attorney General's office is responsible for enforcing the Kansas No-Call Act. This act prohibits businesses from calling consumers in order to sell a product or service. Organizations soliciting charitable donations, calls concerning political candidates or issues, or other calls unrelated to the sale of property or services do not fall within the scope of the Kansas No-Call Act. Add your name and number to this list.

KS Telecommunications Access Program

TAP is a telecommunications equipment distribution program. The program is funded pursuant to state law through the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) and is regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). The purpose of TAP is to provide specialized equipment to Kansans with disabilities or impairments in order to access basic home telecommunications services. Download an application.